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  1. 10 Sidekiq processes with a concurrency of 10 each == 100 threads
  2. Threads are sold in packs of 100, so quantity of 3 is 300 threads.
  3. Development, QA and staging threads are unlimited. Only count production threads.
  4. You may autoscale up to 2x your thread count for up to one hour per day.
  5. Sidekiq Enterprise reports its usage; it will not stop but you will get a polite email if you go over your licensed thread count consistently.
  6. If you want to buy more than 1000 threads, contact for large sales. Please include all of the fields on this page.
  7. An unlimited license is available for $60,000/yr.
  8. Read more for the curious.

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Product Unit Price Quantity Subtotal
Sidekiq Enterprise, 100 threads
  • All Sidekiq Pro functionality, plus:
  • Periodic Jobs
  • Unique Jobs
  • Encrypted Jobs
  • Rolling Restarts
  • Multi-Process support
  • Rate Limiting API
  • Historical Metrics
$179 1 $179/mo
Volume Discount -0% -$0
Interval Discount -0% -$0
Total Per month $179

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Contact if you need to purchase via invoice. Invoicing requires annual payment via bank transfer for a minimum of 300 threads.

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