Rotating Your Sidekiq Credentials

You may rotate your Sidekiq Pro or Enterprise credentials with this tool. Please read these notes carefully.

  • Credentials are based on the email you used to purchase. If you want new credentials, you have to give us a new email address
  • This email will only be used to generate new credentials, it will not change your Stripe account email
  • For security purposes, you must use an email with the same domain as your Stripe account email
  • You can use "+" (subaddressing) to reuse the same inbox if your email provider supports it, e.g.
  • If successful, the email address below will get an email with new credentials
  • Existing Sidekiq processes will continue to run
  • New deploys using the old credentials will fail with a 401 Unauthorized error

Your current credentials, e.g. username:password.
A new email address, new credentials will be emailed to this address. Must use the same domain as your Stripe account email.

Questions? Email support for help.